Trick Of The Week (julle95)

This is something I am going to do under the winter here in cold and snowy sweden! :stuck_out_tongue:

43 -

44 -

week 45

does not know the name of the trick!:slight_smile:

week 46 -

oh! bad quality! filmed with mobile :stuck_out_tongue:

47 -

Please comment! :slight_smile:

nice =)
but it isn’t a real 180 ^^
I think it is more a bodyvarial…

yhea! I know now! thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

48 -


Nice =)
but I think it would be better if you didn’t always posted your newest tricks, but just keep them for a big vid =D

thanks :slight_smile:

I Maybe will do less trick of the week. Like once a third week and soon i will do a movie when i got a new camera!