Trick Names and What They Are

i have some questions on trick and what they are. im trying to get to know all the tricks people do and i have a question. what is a super roll and krisz roll?

A super roll is leg wrap-rolling wrap-leg wrap.

Oh, that totally clears it up. :slight_smile:

Around here, a Super Roll has tempura shrimp and snow crab on the inside, with fresh sake and unagi on top, with tobiko and special sauce. Yum! :wink:

Leg wrap with backfoot - rolling wrap - leg wrap with front foot. To be more specific.

Krisz roll… never heard of it hah, ask Krisz xD

haha thanks i heard people talk about it so i thought id ask

Just do a search. Here’s someone doing a super roll for OTG:

There’s such a thing as a kriszspin… Not really sure what it is. It was trendy a few months ago. I’ve only seen it a couple of times in videos, and both of them looked pretty ugly.

Kriszspins are really ugly xD Kriszspin was made by Colby danger Thomas, the name has nothing to do with Krisztian Kovacs, although the name was inspired by him. (Colby has another man crush). Kriszspin is when you do a unispin but have your hands in the position to do a blind unispin, or you can have your hands in the position to do a normal unispin and spin it blind.