Trick name question (street riders)

Ok, so I unispin to the right and hoptwist to the left.

If I do a varial flip I have to hoptwist my blind direction and towards my flipping (front) foot which makes it awkward. I get to unispin my natural direction though.

If I do a smallflip in the other direction I can hoptwist to my natural direction but the unispin is blind.

Ignoring the fact that I start from si one way and sif the other way, which way would be considered blind for me? Neither are my natural movement.

In a way they are both blind…but if everything is blind then nothing is blind.

Any thoughts?

A lot of street riders ride like that. Me and Shaun J included. I’ll assume you’re right foot forward. Usually varial is to the left, and small spin to the right.


I do my varials to the right and I am right foot forward so thats my main issue. Shaun does his varials to the left and he is right foot forward so it works a lot better.

I learned blind smallspins just so when I get comfortable with them I can put a flip in there too because varial flips are strange for me.

Alex Toms does it the same way I do and he can’t varialflip either. Arthur said he does it that way too but he can double varialflip.

No matter what (right or left handed) as long as your right foot is forward your varial should be to the left. Mine is, and Sabin’s is. I say sabin since he uses his right hand to varialflip to the left. And I use my left. Your comfortable twist should be in the direction of you back foot. (I can only switch 3 if I spin blind, totally opposite, cept for the hand.) Very few people are different from this. At least that I notice.

-Shaun Johanneson

Then it doesn’t matter if they are blind or not.

Wow this is confusing.

I am. I am right handed and right foot forward and my good unispin and twist direction are both to the left. My bad twist and bad unispin direction are both to the right. I have yet to see someone with that same combination.

I dont really like to do outflips/varielflips because i have to use my left hand (right is my dominant hand). So far, I’ve had more luck with switch blind outflips then switch outflips.

im left foot forward, spin anti clockwise for unispins and hoptwists, when i varial i do it anti clockwise. and i hold wit my left, even though im right handed and footed. im pretty sure thats how it should be but opposite for left handed people.