Trick List

Hey everybody.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people say shifty, x-up, tre-flip, etc.

Anyways, I started this thread so people like me can learn a thing or two.

If you know know or have done any tricks, please post either a tutorial, definition, or a video showing somebody doing the trick.

Also, if you want to know what a trick is, post here.

Hopefully, we can get a good amount of tricks on here.

Hawo hungry. Here are some basic descriptions of unicycling tricks.

1) This is from Wikipedia.
2) I so want to try these ideas.

and this too also.

Hopping - Standing on the pedals, bouncing as if the unicycle were a pogo stick.
One foot riding - One foot on a pedal, the other foot rests on the frame.
Seat in front - Instead of sitting on the seat, it is held out in front with the hands.
Wheel walking - Sitting on the seat, you walk backwards on the top of the wheel, propelling the unicycle forwards.
One-footed wheel walking - As wheel walking, but you push the wheel with one foot, sliding it backwards to push again.
Gliding - Sitting on the seat, one foot rests on the frame, the other touches the wheel as a brake. The amount of pressure adjusts the amount of breaking. This is started from speed, or can be performed downhill where a constant speed can be maintained.
Coasting - Both feet resting on the frame. The arms are extended forwards and upwards, then waved to keep balance. This has to be started from speed, and downhill is not recommended.

How easily (that is, if you could already do one) complete a unispin on a Nimbus Trials 20"

How easily? Step on it, do a unispin, ride off.

Unispins are seriously easy once you learn them. Learning unispins is all about getting the motions right and overcoming your mental barriers.

when I do

edit: try

to do a unispin, I jump and begin to twist, but it either hits my legs or I don’t spin fast enough. Any tips?

Jump higher, spin faster.

Seriously. Kick your legs out a bit if they hit the wheel. Hold your hands near the seatpost so that you can spin faster. Just keep doing it.

And there are tons of unispin tutorials out there. You can always use the search button and dwell in the wisdom of the past posters.

180 and 360 Unispin Tutorial by Marcus Collings

I learned in the same way that this tutorial shows… 180 are pretty easy… 360 are a little bit harder… But both are fun :smiley:

Bye and Good Luck!

What’s a body varial? Are there any other tricks going on that people haven’t put down yet?

Also, what’s it called when you hop and pedal whilst mid air? I think it’s called an ET in BMXing.

A rev (short for revolution…)

Back when that was considered a good enough trick to name it was called a fastforward and a backwards version was called a rewind. But now their just called Revs. And yeah their called ETs in bmx. (Referance to the movie ET. When they fly past the moon and pedal in mid air.)

I thought it was called a crankflip

No, a crankflip is when you kick the pedal. take your feet off and let the cranks do a full revolution, a rev (I think) is when you jump and your feet never leave the pedals, but the cranks do a full revolution.

I’ve got a question about pedal grabs and crank grabs.

I often hop up onto an object using either a pedal or crank grab, but I’m not actually sure which I use. I seem to be using both. Is there really much difference between them? I mean, I know that it is much more stable on the crank rather than the pedal, I just wondered whether there really needed to be a differential between the two.

Does anyone find one or the other better or think that I’m completely wrong by saying any of this?!

This post seems to have come to a complete halt!

Would somebody like to write a short, or long, list of tricks such as flip tricks and spin tricks and so on. Or people could just add tricks as they go. Like favourtie tricks. It’d be cool if we had a thread that people could refer back to when learning new tricks.
If you write it in the format of:

eg. 180 unispin - turning the uni 180degrees whilst jumping above it, then landing back on the pedals with the uni facing backwards.

Then people could try them from the exlanations.

Theres a list on wikipedia. Refer to that for more simple tricks, some advanced.

This is all you should need rather then writing down tricks. It has basically every BASIC flip and spin trick, some freestyle and flatland.

I suppose so. I just didn’t think it was very comprehensive. I thought that people could write it up in ‘easy to understand’ unicycle language!

Well… there are A LOT of tricks. I just can’t be bothered.

Shaun J’s crankflip tutorial is on youtube, search it. You’d probably find it helpful.

whats a shifty?
whats the difference between a pedal/crank grab and a pedal/crank stall? if there is…
what is the difference between 180 flip and a hickflip
what is a hoptwist
what is a smallspin, bigspin, huge spin, giantspin
whats a sexchange?
whats an x-up
whats an out flip and whats an inflip?

Jump, twist your lower body mainly 90 degrees, then twist back.

The name should of told you the difference. One of them you are landing on your crank, the other your jsut landing on your pedal.

A 180flip is when you do a crankflip, and at the same time, do a 180 with your whole body and unicycle.

A hickflip is a crankflip with a 180 unispin

Jumping and doing a full twist with your body and unicycle any ammount of degrees. Usually 180 and 360.

Smallspin - 180unispin & 180 hoptwist.
bigspin - 360unispin & 180 hoptwist
hugespin - 540unispin & 180 hoptwist
Giantspin - ?

The next step up ive heard as a mammothspin, which you should be able to tell the pattern now, and its just a 720unispin with a 180.

A crankflip with a 180bodyvarial.

A 180unispin, then before landing, another 180unispins in the oppesite way as the first one.