trick list

i just had an idea to have a trick list thread why have loads of threads saying i wanta glide or i want to 1 ft backwards why not just have one big list from hopping to uni spins anything so when you write a trick just put the trick name as a header and the discritption of how to do it and even a photo.

why has no one thought of this before. Your friggin briliant man. That Idea rocks the show. Ofcourse, once we get to about 20000 tricks, someone will loke the thread and its back to square 1.

thats lock with a c and no e, sorry

insted of a thread this shoild be an article or feature or something. has a pretty good trick list in the meantime though

good idea

good idea o gilby lol

super man and no footer

well thinuniking since nobody put down a trick i thought i’d be the first

                  super man:

grab tyre with one hand and extend your legs backwards in the air as far as you can stretch them and then pull in land your feet on your peddals, sometimes I land on my face;)

                     no footer, also known as "put your legs in the air like ya just dont care:

                        grab tyre with hand put legs out like doing the splits in the air and some back in and put ur feet back on the peddals, i saw this trick off universe

         no footer is my favorite trick and its fun to learn:D

just a little note that such a project is underway, by someone we know and love

i didn’t catch that

stay tuned

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........ ok:)