trick ideaer

New idea for daredevils/stupidheads: Do a 360 unispin AND a crankflip AND spin your body the opposite direction of th unispin… I will not attempt this for quite a while if ever!

a 360 varial crankflip?? i bet shaun could and has done it…it would be kool though.

that would be practically like a 720 unispin crankflip…doable, yes, but INSANE!!!
Shaun should try it.

Actually I think it would be an inward bigflip? I will have to ask him about that though. And no I dont believe it has been done before.


look at the end of the flip tricks vid. i think thats it


no its not…its the uni spinning 360 and the body turning arounf the uni the opposite way…180 degrees with a crank flip in there.


i see


make it even harder land on the seat

yea, no one landed it so far…

I like where your mind is at. That’s awesome. You’re right, hasn’t been done yet. I haven’t even ever seen a inward bigspin. But yeah, I’ll take a few shots are it, seems really hard though. laters

-Shaun Johanneson

yeah shaun will do it…

Go Shaun Go!

God (of fliptricks) has spoken.

what do you mean"(of fliptricks)"…shaun is just god Period

please dont say that. thank you.

ooooooook? if thats what you want.

thank you


thanks a lot man. It’s good to know all this practice is getting noticed. I appreciate that a lot. I’ll try to impress again on my next vid i’m so excited to start filming for everyone. I get my camera in just a few days. Hope you’ll all love the vid. And Jess, don’t worry, my ego won’t get that much bigger if you’re worried about it. haha. It’s ok though, (I’ve noticed all your replies to my treads have been negitive toward me in some way). Laters

-Shaun Johanneson

sounds like jealousy to me…

Anyways, i’ve been working on a new trick too. 360 body varial, gettin closer everyday.


I have thought about those but I don’t know the best way to do it, when you land it I want to see a video:)