trick help

what order should i learn tricks in? (yes, im a newbie)
this includes everything: hops, idling, wheel walking, crankflip, riding backwards, etc

Well, you should learn to hop first, and then you can learn crankflips and unispins.

One you have 180, 360, 180 unispins, 360 unipins, and crankflips down, then you can go off onto any other street move you want pretty much.

For freestyle, you should look at the levels. They are a good guide of where to start, and what to work on. Theres some common stuff like gliding, that people will tell you to wheelwalk first, then one-foot wheelwalk, then go to gliding, but most of the tricks you can just go for.

Just work on idling and riding backwards at the same time.

But yeah, just pick some tricks and go out and learn them. Have fun.

I’m a newbie too.

I learned (in order):

Riding (normal)
Going off curbs etc.
Hopping (didn’t work very well with my current unicycles, I found a larger tire like a muni, or I assume trials to make it easier)
Some Muni
Going down stairs
Riding backwards

Now I’ve started trying riding with 1 foot, and seat in front.

Hope that helps.

thanks guys this should help