Trick Bike on ebay

This is a cool trickbike/unicycle thing i just found on ebay if anyones been looking for one. I’ve ridden one at the midwest unicycle regionals and it was a pretty good time. It’d be nice for clubs and such also. I’m not the seller or anything so if your not interested its okay i just thought id put it out there.


Not a Super Trick Cycle, but similar. I wonder if it’s a home-made one? The price is right: currently at $1.00!

One dollar cycle - sixty dollar shipping.

$60 for shipping??

Count me in if it wasn’t so high.

ouch, excellent point, the shipping does hurt a little bit. I might wait to see how high the price gets and then possibly still pay up for it. I dont know what the quality is like on that htouhg so ehhh.

From that one picture, it looks like it may have a one piece crank. Can’t say for sure though. And I’ve had more than one bad experience buying things without seeing them myself. So, I’ll wait and see myself too.

I would assume it was built from an existing unicycle. So the question is whether it’s cotterless or cottered? Can’t see much detail, but judging by the bearing type, I’d guess cottered. It would not be a one piece crank unless someone actually hand-made a whole hub and crankset.

Still looking like a good deal at $61.25 (including shipping).

there is no way that it is going to go for 61.25 with 6 days to go…ebay is full of fools who bid way to early instead of the last 5 minutes.

I got my thomson in the last 3 seconds.