tric vid

I have made a new movie with my newest trics and some trial skills :slight_smile:
hope you enjoy

Good stuff. Nice 360 unispins. Riding along that fence looked scary. I’ve tried bouncing on a trampoline with my uni but I couldn’t do it lol. Well atleast I didn’t have time to learn how before Mum told me to get off the trampoline. O and, get some leg protection! You shinned yourself really well lol.

Thx, I have leg protection but it was hot and I don’t like waering Shin Guards :smiley:


i love that song!!!
good riding! and awesome Parkour at the end

ouch, no shin pads? Hope your legs don’t look like this…

mmmm noodles…

actually, i dont eat meat lol.

Cool. Your skills are progressing very nicely. Nice song choice to

nice video, and the band, is the best ever, but now they’re total sellout, OLD RISE AGAINST RULES!!
haha the trampoline jumping looked awesome! i have to try that once!!! :smiley:

Thx, yes I bought the KH orange edition from

wow you did much better on the trampoline than I ever have. In the end it never ends up well. I enjoyed the video and really like the white shot effect ant the beginning.