Triathalon @ Rays – Rolling Trials, High Jump Competition & Coker Slalom Racing

Like everyone else, I had a great time at this year’s event. I want to thank everyone who came out. Once again, I was blown away by the way you guys tackled the course. I tried to make it more challenging this year (and I think I did), but the top riders managed to clean almost the entire course, just the same. Next year’s event will be even more difficult.

Unfortunately, Brian MacKenzie was the sole Coker competitor… but he and I had a lot of fun riding the course. Out of condition from a lack of riding and worn down from a sleepless weekend, I didn’t want to push myself too hard this year so I limited my riding to a few sections that I really enjoyed, including the big ramps and the foam pit (which was incredibly fun)!

Brian did an amazing job cleaning some lines that were really difficult on a Coker, earning 1st place by virtue of his performance – even if he didn’t have any official competitors. I know there are a lot of really good Coker riders out there, so I hope we’ll be able to get a decent turnout for the 36” class next year. Brian will be tough to beat, though.

The 24” / 26” class was quite competitive this year. Joel Burgess essentially cleaned the entire course (in about two hours), except for the two big (quarter-pipe style) ramps which were difficult to clean even on a Coker… and many people thought were impossible to clean on a 24” or 26” uni. Frank was behind Joel by one section and knew that if he could get up one of the big ramps that the other one would be doable and he’d pull off the victory. Frank persisted till nearly the end of the session and managed to clean both of the big ramps and defend his title. Joel took second place and Joseph Wade tied for third with Jeff Prosa. Josh Torrans and the younger Wade brother weren’t far behind. Both of the young Wade brothers blew me away with their riding skills, especially considering they’ve been riding for only about a year or so.

I’ll try my best to make each year’s event better than the last. It would be great to see all of the previous two years’ competitors next year, as well as all the people that had hoped to make it this year but were unable to attend. If you had a good at one (or both) of the first two events or missed the opportunity to make it so far, make sure to come back next year and encourage your friends to come out, too, and the event will keep getting better and better each successive year.

Thanks, again! I look forward to seeing everyone in Cleveland next year…

“You guys on your uni’s are like the bastard step child that’s locked away in the basement and comes out and kicks everyone’s ass”


I, for one, am definitely looking forward to watching your video clip… I didn’t get the chance to see you clean the large side of that pyramid and would really like to see that (as well as watching the other big ramp you cleaned again)- but I’m getting an error and can hear the audio, but can’t see any video. Is anyone else having this error? Any suggestions?

By the way, the mountain bike guys that were at Rays really enjoyed watching the unicycling event!

They came over to me before the competition began and asked if it was ok if they hung around to watch the event and of course I said yes.

Quite a decent size group of mountain bikers stayed and watched us for quite a while and took lots of pictures and video. They seemed to be pretty blown away by the one-wheel riding, based on their comments and the looks on their faces.

It felt pretty good to be exposing the mountain bike community to the sport.

On a separate note, it was also really nice to hear the Wade brothers’ incredibly supportive mom cheering on her kids as they cleaned section after section of the course and conquered some of the most difficult lines. That was really great and I hope more young riders will show up in the future with their parents cheering them on!

Also… just to clarify my comment in a previous post (which I now realize is a bit misleading) - the foam pit wasn’t actually a section or part of the competition, just something I had fun blasting into on my Coker.

Should of tryed doing a front or backflip into it =p or somthing crazy lol

Thanks Guy’s again for all the Hard work, I had a blast and so did the other guy’s who came with. Brian I can’t wait for your next vid.