has a new owner

it sucks, the old owner was so awesome. The new site is weird too.

they don’t seem to have much unicycle stuff anymore either.



what the heck?

Tim no longer runs it?! No! Tim was awesome, he held the uni trials competition in Vermont over the summer. He was a great guy and it was an awesome competition coming from someone who at the start of it knew nothing about unicycling.


"Big changes are in the works. Trialsin USA has changed owners and a major retooling of the site is underway. "

Tim was an awesome guy.

The URL fits but the website dossen’t, I was implying that you hired a hit man so that tim would be forced to resume running the site

I’m glad somone brought this up. I’ve actually been talking with the guys over at trialsin and there actually very motivated to start expanding their unicycle department. Keep an eye on them, and soon enough you will definatley see some good things from these guys.

they dont seem to have much of anything anymore
even bikes

they’re probably just building the site back up again. I’d give them a few weeks :slight_smile: