A new video showing the improvement I’ve been making since my last video.

Criticism is aprreciated.


good work man, just next time don’t make it so long, a couple of minutes will suffice.

nice improvements but maybe try to lose all the little hops? I found that one you can balence without all the mini hops your an all around better rider.
and the biggest thing That help me is to losen up a little makes the world of a diffrence, good luck!

Nice riding.

Although fewer hops is always nice, I don’t think there were way too many, for your present skill. It is definitely something to work on for making more entertaining vids though.

hahaha nice editing at 3:15

nice varied vid, the only sugestion I would make for another one is a few gaps, one thing I didn’t see much of.

I find your SIF hopping is realy stiff.
You don’t even tuck, so I say you could go on with SI hops for now.
SIF is handy starting from hights above ±50cm

good work man. how long u been riding for?
vid was a little bit long and the small hops get a bit boring, but i know its hard not to do them when u are starting off.
but all round pretty good vid.

a little over 2 years.

only about 1 serious year though,

the other year I learned to ride and set it aside.

The static jump at the end, I’ve gotten at least 30 times now :slight_smile: