My first movie! :smiley:

Enjoy, comment, rate, whatever :smiley:

wow thats cool, i need to start doing trials again so this should give me some motivation to get out and do so, i have no where to do it atm though:( one thing though, you do quite a lot of little hops, you should try not to do so much of them. it makes the line look much better.

Pretty nice. All these vids just make me more and more jelous, I want to go out ride but its way too hot :frowning: bring back the rain.

Uh try and loose the hops and find the flow. I guess you will get this from a few people but yea, its way nicer with less hops, you looked a bit out of controll.

Thanks a LOT for tips guys!:smiley:
I think i will lose a little small hops when i get the try-all tire, because when its hot outside, for some reason, the shaved CC gives no grip, it did just a few weeks ago when it wasn’t this hot… I guess I’m scared of slipping:p

I was just out for like 5 min and riding and its sooo hot!

And one more thing!
Do you think i can get sponsored by 661 with this movie?

Most definately. You’d be the best trials rider for 661 yet!


i wasn’t even sure i would get sponsored, and you saying this? hehe
i sent a request, and I’m waiting for an answer!


I thought first vids were soposed to be bad? :thinking:

i just got a camera :smiley: It’s actually quite good, its a nikon coolpix something, cheap stuff, old too! but it films quite good! only problem is that when i take videoclips to computer its MOV and i have to convert to MPG or what ever :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks for all comments guys, i REALLY appriciate it!:smiley: I will try to do more filming in the summer and so on, but i need a new tire and legprotection first:( :o

you’ll have to stop using those KH gloves if you get sponsered by 661. and do they have a dealer near you? cause shipping would kill any discount you get.

dont acctually know i will check… but their gloves are good too right?:frowning:

KHs are better.

You’re pretty good, how long have you been riding?
Try minimizing on setup hops, this becomes important for hard natural lines where you’ll lose your balance if you keep on hoppy hop hopping.

Well I know who I’m going to callout, if I get a video up. Your at like the same level as me. Good luck with the sponorship.

I’ve had a unicycle for like 2 and a half year, i learnt to ride it and it got boring. then about 1 and a half year ago i saw kris holm video, and i learnt to do a bit of hopping and riding one foot and stuff so i bought a KH 20" about 1 year ago!
thanks for tips =)

@ Littleman
Well I know who I’m going to callout, if I get a video up.
What does that mean?:o

It’s kind of like a video challenge against two riders at the same skill level. Whoever makes the better video wins.

I’m so in!!

:smiley: Defineately one of the best 1st. vids, IMO.

It looks to me like your tire pressure is pretty high for how hard a rider you currently are (correct me if this is stupid).

Single best improvement you can make I’d also say is cutting out prehops, then learn to compress the tire more (it looks like you don’t and just jump, but that may be partly from your high air pressure).

yea thanks! well i feel and i’ve heard that the sidewalls on the maxxis cc that i’ve got is thin, so when i gap and stuff, its hard with low tire pressure:( but i’ll try different tire pressures and find the best :smiley: thanks for all the tips guys
i really apriciate it!