I’m not trying to “dis” and trials riders or anything, but I just don’t think of trials as actually unicycling. I mean, you don’t pedal, you just jump up and down on the unicycle. You might as well have a pogo stick, it has a much better bounce. Any comments on this? Again, I’m not trying to be mean or anything, please don’t get upset if you disagree.

trials is freaking fun dude…and just because you bounce around doesnt mean you cant roll around its just a different type of unicycling and honestly do you find it fun to just roll around on the sidewalk, i find that quite boring unless your attempting to ride long distace

Yeah I hear what you’re saying. I actually enjoy a little bit of trials myself, but I find it pretty boring to watch some of the videos on this forum where the whole video is just jumping and nothing else. If you’re ONLY going to jump, you might as well get a pogo stick (which is what I did before I got a unicycle)

oh yes ofcourse…if your just gonna stand in one place and jump thats no fun. and i used to pogo myself too my record of jumps is 959 without falling off

I think that’s why I like street; it seems to be more “flowy” and natural IMO. But I’m impressed with all styles and appreciate them all.

I have become interested by rolling trials recently, but its different from street in the way that trials is not so much for show or video, but for knowing that you can do something technical, or knowing that you are able to get over that obsticle. I see it as almost more personal.

I understand where your coming from, but think: why don’t bikers just get a pogo stick too? Hell, why even use a pogo stick when we can all do parkour or street running? Why even do that when you can just stick to walking the paths?

It’s because we enjoy the challenge. A pogo stick is much easier to jump high and far on, but doing it on a unicycle takes alot more thinking/balance/strength (in my opinion). For example, you want to jump across a line of rocks. A pogo-ist (whatever you call them) would simply bounce across, while a trials unicyclist would plan how he would land/where he will land on the rock/what the easiest path would be, and so on. I also do it because its unique, and you can do it almost anywhere you go.

It’s not all jumping, trails riders do skinnies which can look very impressive and be a great crowd pleaser too.

i am in concurrance (sp?) with the first post.

I just don’t think your thread contributes anything to the unicycling community.

trials is so fun, you obviously havn’t done it much.
it is frustrating when you should be able to do something that you think you should be able to.

Trials is for street riders that can’t do tricks :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, I can’t say that I’ve ever compleated a super hard trials line, but I imagine that I would be very satisfied, although it’d be much more satisfactory and visually pleasing to complete, say, a treyflip over a 5-set. I don’t really like watching trials videos, and such. Just saying that it doesn’t look that fun, and I don’t find it that fun… But your style is your style. Rock on trials riders :slight_smile: (but rock harder, street riders!)

personally, i don’t like straight trials that much. But, i do like urban trials and stuff where the trials is mixed with street. For me, it can’t get better than that.

Trials is awesome!!! I like street better though.

i love street and trials…i love riding one footed and doing unispins…and i also love doing stair sets and jumpin off of stuff

Street is better to watch but I like trials and street equaly. They both involve a lot of risky tricks/drops that are hard to pull off. Most of trials riding is just jumping and bouncing around but theres also handrails which take a lot of skill and confidence to ride.


I just like the idea of being able to go over some shit on my unicycle.

i like trials to do…prefer street to watch.
i only really do trials because i cant really do much street…no tricks for me yet :frowning:
but trails is unicycling you cant really say it isnt as you are still on a unicycle and its a style of riding.


Is trials biking not actually biking?