tell me what you think!

Not bad, how long have you been doing trials?
Also i really liked the soundtrack :slight_smile:

since early December. and thanks great band!

What is the name of the band?

dropkick murphys

Having a listen on youtube now taps foot in time :smiley:

Try sif hops now :smiley:

ha i really should

You’re getting good at the hops, looks nice and stable :slight_smile:

One thing that bugged me was hopping away from the lines… It would look way nicer if you rolled out!

thanks! i cant roll out of the pallets to rough down there. I will try to start to roll out of hops. i think i am about to max out my hops tho :frowning:

here is something i did this week :slight_smile: tell me what ya think :slight_smile:

sorry cant do music :frowning: sorry but here it is without music