I am thinking about getting into trials and I was wondering what to get? I am 6’1 and 200lb if that helps. I am on a tight budget, any ideas?

I always suggest the Nimbus ISIS trials to people wanting to get more into trials or street, it’s a great trials uni that’s a bit cheaper than the KH. if you feel like it, you can even upgrade the cranks to moments.

A nimbus trials frame with moments is near indestructible.

+1 for Nimbus with Moments…

You could use the search fonction too, there’s already plenty of threads asking the exact same thing as you.

+1 again for the nimbus with moments!
Best decision i ever made.

nimbus with moments or one of the koxx devil range imo. but anything you choose as long as its isis will do you fine although the qu-ax’s are very heavy and i mean that as my qu-ax muni is built like a tank!

problem with the devil unis is that they cost more the KH uni I think?

Nope they don’t. My devil which was custom was less than a kh by £100+