just some back yard trials done really quickly. So dont expect too much…

Comment please.

Also if anyone has any tips on my skinny riding please let me know I went out for about 1 hour before it got too hot. and that was my best one…

Thats a pretty cool setup you’ve got there. As for skinny tips, the best i can say is keep practicing

are you sponsored by globe?

at the end, your static hop up 3 pallets, you can probably do 4 pallets. you cleared it by a lot.

Nice Video!!!:smiley: As far as skinny riding goes it seems like your doing really good. You could try raising the height of the skinnys, and you could ride rails that are low to the ground.:slight_smile:

Thanks that was my best one out of hour worth of riding will go back and try again.

Yip its not the greatest. They can’t even supply me with stickers.

Yea I know it easy as piss, haha I can do 65cm and working on 80cm thats the stack I pedal/crank grabbed

Thatnks I’ll try that I’m trying to get some tramp. polls to use in my trials course… but not to much luck yet.