trials-y set up


trials unicycle:
existing yuni 24" frame
alex dx-32 rim and suzue hub
odyssey twisted pc pedals

hookworm 24" good idea?
bicycle euro 150 mm cranks good idea?
lemon meringue pie good idea?

am i missing anything?.. i don’t think so… muni got a tad tedious… without any mountains to uni. so trials is the next best thing.

is it a good set up?

get some carterige(sp) bearing pedals

the 24 hookworm looks and feels good, i’ve only ever ridden one breifly, however i don’t know if it fits on a dx32.

beware that trials tends to mean (although it dosent have to) big drops and gaps. consider a splined hub/cranks. or at least some heavy duty cranks like kookas or doteks,

although i don’t ride a 24 uni for trials many people prefer 170 cranks on a 24"
although i can seen the benifit of 150s if you ride your uni as transport.

Why are cartridge bearing pedals much better for trials?

I can see for muni, sealed cartridge bearings are great cos they stop wet and rain getting in, but I’d have thought trials bearings problems would be more likely to be caused by bashing pedals hard which would do just as much damage as on a loose bearing pedal?

Big chunky metal pedals, now I can see the point of those.


 The 24" Hookworm fits fine on the DX32

The Hookworm fits tight on the DX 32. Metal tire levers are a great thing(hint,hint)