Trials- Woodburn

Short trials video I filmed at a school called Woodburn. This is another video along with Hidden Oaks that kind of showcases some spots that I have to ride at.

Download (megaupload)- (34mb)

Vimeo- (Messed up the widescreen)

Youtube- (Don’t do it!)


You have to turn “private only” off on vimeo. Rjd2 rocks. Video was pretty good, you got some hops for a small kid. Do those pedals offer you enough grip?

Thanks for the tip about vimeo. The pedals are hoffmans, with the short pins there is nowhere near enough grip but with the long ones grip is perfect. I was having a little bit of trouble during this filming cause I was using regular sneakers instead of skate shoes, cause I haven’t had a chance to go get new ones after the old ones fell apart.

Cool video. I watched it on youtube and the picture looked look it had been squished horizontaly.

What’s your highest side hop?

nice stuff…some nice hops and pedal grabs, like it a lot

nice video,great riding. how long you been riding?

Yeah, on youtube and vimeo the picture got squished. I’m not sure why, and I’m trying to fix the problem. I guess it is just another incentive to download though.

Highest hop, 27" measured, unmeasured was up to a picnic table, no prehop. Probably around 30", I’ll measure it when I get a chance.

There were some hops in there on the playground for example that I could easily have gone to rubber on, but the area is so tightly enclosed that I knew I would hit myself it I tried rubber, which was kinda of annoying.

Very cool stand stills, pedal grabs, and control. Those are underrated trials skills. When you grow older and stronger, high hops will become easier.

Cool vid!

Pretty cool…Good riding…especially sidehops…awesome song, but has been used before…


nice video ! how old are you ?

Thanks, I’m 13.