Trials with a Numbus 24" frame

Helloo, haven’t been here for a while :slight_smile:

Basically I bought a 24" max traction uni with the kh splined hub from at the beginning of the summer. Unfortunately I’ve now moved to the centre of portsmouth (uk) and there are absolutely no hills or fun mountain bike trails that are close enough for me to get to without transport. Also the only two people I know at university who unicycle are trials riders and they both ride 20" unis, to the extent where I’ve reverted back to riding my learner uni when I go out with them. I figured that rather than spending out on a decent uni to learn trials on properly, I would just get a DX32 rim and get the wheel rebuilt by my lbs, and then buy a new hub for my 24" rim when I can afford it. Now I know that the hub and tyre will fit the frame, but will the larger frame size cause problems with learning trials? Also will I need to get new spokes or with the shop be able to reuse them when they build the wheel?

Just use your 24" for trials. instead of buying a new setup just buy a slick 24" like a fireball of hookworm. If you get good at trials on your 24" when you have money to buy a decent trials 20" you’ll be great.

ya thats what i am doing right now i only have 285$ right now so i use my 24" to do trails and muni and i find it really not that hard but i still want a trials one the only thing is that you might want to get a really strong hub cranks and pedals and maybe a good seat but other than that me and my buddy are just fooling around using are 24" for trials


yah pretty much what were doing, 24’’ trials…when andy gets a KH trials i’m just gonna ride that all the time lol but trials on a 24’’ isnt’ too shabby…

I do trials riding with a 26" Muni. It ain’t perfect but it is doable and it is a bit like altitude training. When you do swap to an actual trials unicycle the weight difference makes everything seem so much easier.

A larger frame definately makes pedal grabs more difficult and the extra weight is annoying, but nothing a bit of practice can’t overcome.

Just try riding with your 24" unicycle. As long as the tyre is a large volume one there shouldn’t be a problem. You may even find riding down stairs etc easier.