trials wheelset

I need a trials wheelset (pedals, cranks, spokes, hub, rim, tire, and tube) under $200 and that I would be able to use for some flat too.

I’ve got a Qu-ax wheel with the db-45 rim, Qu-ax spokes, yellow Qu-ax hub, and Qu-ax street style cranks (125’s), but neither tire nor tube. It’s pretty heavy, but almost bombproof. There are the regular chips and scratches, especially on the bottom of the left crank, and one place where I bent the edge of the rim a bit and had to straighten it, but nothing too bad. If interested PM me.

btw, where do you live? Probably it would hardly be worth the shipping cost if you aren’t in Canada or the U.S.

Blue KH moment hub and cranks (137mm), 47mm driled KH rim, black JC pedals, and worn creepy crawler tire. Wheelset In great condition, pedals scratched and worn tire tread.
Can post photos if your interested.

pm sent.


could be interested in parts of a wheelset too