Trials wheelset, dx frame, bc wheel

I had these for a few years and never really use them, so I’m looking to sell them in hope of buying a muni. I’m not really sure what to ask, so make an offer. Pics coming soon.

  1. Trials/street wheelset with Koxx isis hub and Nimbus rim, comes with Maxxis Creepy Crawler. This sat out in the sun a little bit, so the finish on the hub is faded, but it has barely been ridden and hasn’t seen any drops higher than a foot.

  2. Torker dx frame, has broken at the seatpost but been rewelded and reinforced, as well as given a crappy blue krylon paint job.

  3. 20" bc wheel. This has a Hazard “Pro Factor” wheel with 14mm axle hub and double wall rim. The plates are homemade and not the strongest, but should be fine for light riding.

I also have a 25.4 mm steel seatpost for KH/nimbus seats and a 25.4mm Nimbus double bolt clamp, and am considering selling a pair of 125mm Koxx cranks.

I could possibly be interested in the wheelset. What kind of price are you looking for on it?

Also I am assuming this is not the new koxx hub?


I’m intrested in Torker frame, photos please.

How about shiping to poland and pay at PayPal

Sorry my english is bad ;/

Here are some pictures…

I’m thinking maybe $100 for the wheelset, 60 for the bc, and $50 for the cranks, the other stuff free you pay shipping.

tomPL, I’m not sure if I can do PayPal, but if I can get that set up the frame is yours.

still thinking about it… might need another pay check

Wheelset and cranks are now sold.

how much for the frame. i am interested