trials wheels and strength

(i used the search and couldnt find anything)
so i got my nimbus trials in and am a bit worried
the wheel is kinda huge and there is a tenth of an inch between it and the frame

should i be worried about it bending? the wheel is double rimmed i think and the spokes look pretty big but still im a bit worried that when i start learning to do tricks or do jumps on it it will start to mess with the wheel and bend it into the frame.

or am i just being paranoid

ps its this nimbus

It shouldn’t

Unless you go start jumping huge things with bad technique it should be fine. I have a weaker V!Z rim on my trials and I have jumped six sets and done six foot drops on it and it only bent a little(nothing a spoke wrench can’t fix). This nibus rim is even stronger and won’t bend unless you don’t maintain the wheel or do huge drops with bad landings. Don’t worry about it. Hey we seem to be in the same area. Maybe we can arrange a ride sometime?

oh yeah what style do you ride?
that would be cool i dont know any other unicyclist around here