Trials Wheel size? 20? 26?

I am going to get the BEDFORD HARD CORE MONTY TRIALS, but I would also like to use it for Muniing. I’m more interested in trials than I am in Mountain, so will the 26" tire on the Hard Core cut back much on it’s performance or what? How will a 20" perform in Muni conditions? Is it worth spending an extra $75 for a 26"?
Please help



If there is a 24" version, that would be a very good compremise. I use my 24" for both Muni and Trials, actually mostly trials because of time but, it works great and is worth not having second uni. a Monty will perform poorly in many Muni conditions, and it is horrible for long rides and mud. but it will work.

get the 24"!

26 is pretty crappy for trials, and not all that much better for MUni. I currently have a 26" MUni, but am replacing it with a 24" wheel.


I’m getting a new unicycle from Darren sometime in February (whenever his 3" frames come in) and it sounds like you have the same criteria as I do – something to use for both trials and trails (I bet you had to read that over twice!).

This is what I’ve decided on:

    - 24" Alex DH32/Profile Wheelset : $730 - Bedford 3" Frame : $50 (I'm assuming the price here, as Darren hasn't gotten these in yet and I haven't asked him what they'll be. $50 is what his other frames cost.) - Gazzaloddi : $110 (for Muni) - Fireball : $100 (for trials -- from eBay) - Odyssey South Gate Pedals : $50 (already have these, as I bought them for using my 20" freestyle unicycle outside) - 24x3" tube : $15 or so - Bedford Seat and Seat Post : $45 (I already have done the air conversion for my freestlye unicycle -- it's very comfortable)
If you don't include the Gazz and the Fireball and replace them with something more dual-purpose (as with those two you're spending $210 on tires alone) like the Kenda Downhill ($70), the total comes to $960, compared to the $925 for the Monty Hardcore Trials. Yes, it's a little more, but there are a few things to explain that:
    - firstly you have a unicycle that you can use for both trials and Muni (that alone should be worth the $35) - the pedals I have included are better than what comes with the Monty Hardcore
No Miyata, which adds about $50. That said, many people prefer an air seat (oh, right -- add $4 for the tube used in the air conversion) over the Miyata. The Miyata's are also getting a good deal of flack lately for breaking and whatnot. The only issue I can see with a Bedford air seat is the lack of handle -- I'm going to email Darren and see if he has any suggestions (I may end up buying the Kris Holm Velo).

And, like I said before, the final price of either of those unicycles is $75 less due to the reduction in the price of the Profile bits.

So, who knows, we may end up with identical unicycles. Let us know what you get.

I’m going to email Darren tonight and ask about handles on Bedford seats and the price of his 3" frames; I’ll post his answers when I get them.


Note that a 24" Gazzalodi is a very heavy tire, and is about 26" in diameter. Definitely a MUni that can be used for Trials, but not the ultimate Trials wheel.

However if you do a mix of both, the bigger wheel is better because it will get you there. If you ride Trials near home, or near the car, you don’t need the speed.

If your interest were more 50/50 between trails and Trials, the choice would be easy. But since you place a higher importance on Trials, the 20" looks a little better.

Really you’re going to need two. The question is which to buy first!

I’d suggest a 24" rim instead of the 26". Go for the Bedford with Alex 32 rim. It’s a great all around uni. :smiley:

Darren got back to me with the following information:

    - the new 3" frames are going to be $60 (not $50) - a handle for the Bedford seat isn't currently an option as the seat base isn't too strong and isn't designed to be yanked and pulled a great deal
Later, Eli.

I would also suggest the 20". Mainly because For MUni, you could just make your current uni frame have maincaps, and buy a new wheel. This wheel will run you about 250$ (i think) and also you’ll probably be abusing your trials uni more (profiles come in…) but the choice is yours. I got a 24inch MUni first. And i d’ont regret it. I think it slows your learning curve a little bit, but then once you get good, and then get a trials, you’ll have perfect technique from that heavy wheel, which will help you (plus if you want to do trials on a MUni ride, you’ll be able to!). Well, Hope that helps.


I’d just like to point out that quite literally, the 24" x 3" Gazz is 10mm smaller (in diameter) than a fairly large 26" tyre. I measured it yesterday.