Trials wheel exploded

Ben asked me to post this. He was just doing some trials over at the Rochelle skate park when he landed a jump and caved in his wheel. This was his original trials uni from 2002 when he was quite a bit lighter than his current 185 lbs. so I supposed it’s time for an upgrade. But he says he managed to land the move in spite of the explosion. The old Profile hub and cranks survived.


I don’t know what looks worse, the wheel or the saddle. :smiley:

The sadle has 2 foams inside, lol.
But the rim is prety broke yeah

Why would you put 2 foams inside of your saddle?

The saddle is a double air seat with a leather cover, no foam inside. I built it in 2001 for my Coker, but Ben is using it now for his trials uni.

Love the uni. Its so oldschool :smiley:

that happened to Joe Campbell’s uni when he dropped off of his car. the rim didn’t look as bad and his Ti spokes all broke right where they attach to the hub.

Was this guy riding Titanium spokes as well?

Don’t know? i don’t think so though.

I don’t believe the spokes were adjusted properly after the profile hub was switched with the original. I think this cause stress points on the rim.

Also, I’m using the double air seat because I didn’t want to bother changing it back to a normal miyata cover. The seat already had the carbon fiber base and the handle/bumpers were from the old style miyata seats. The ones before they switched to the cheaper plastic.

Suggestions on a new 36 spoke rim? I plan to keep the same Hub/crank assembly.

Edit: The spokes were not Ti. None of the actual spokes broke. If you look closely, they all just pulled through.

Plus you landed right on the seam of the rim which is the weakest spot of any rim. My suggestion is that you make sure the place you land on the rim or where you hop is not the same place the seam is. Thats a nasty one! but freaking AWESOME that it lasted you that long


I agree, I don’t think the location of the seam was though of when putting the profile set in the wheel. I bent my freestyle rim a few weeks before this too. That was an old torker bought before the trials though.

Oh, I did take quite a long break of not riding. It sat, with my other uni’s, in the garage for probably close to 5 years while I went through high school and started college.

give the rim to your mom for mothers day and tell her it took you 7 years to shape it into a heart for her.

Hi, Bennie!

Profiles are amazing, so you dont need to change those unless you just want a change.

As for the rim, id just go with the newest model KH 19" rim and a new set of spokes,

Just remember to maintain them regularly. A good wheel build and tensioning will keep the wheel going for a long time.

Stock Schwinn unicycles are old school. Just 'cause it isn’t a KH, Koxx or Quax, doesn’t mean it’s old school.

Get off my lawn, you kids!

In this particular case, it probably is ‘old school’. The frame is a 24" United frame, which was using to build the lower-end trials unicycles back then.

Either that or the Koxx Street rim would be my suggestion…


Interesting rim mod there.