Trials vs. Street

What’s the diffrence between Trails and Street?

Street is kind of like a mix between freestyle and trials, you do more urban sutff with it.

trials: trying to get over/ ride obsticals (manmade or natral) using hops riding etc.
Street: puting freestyle tricks into street trials settings

k not to sound like a total n00b but trials sorta sounds like Muni with that definition

Well, in trials you jump and hop and in MUni you just ride down a montain/trail

Muni is mountain or offroad unicycling. Trials is mainly getting over obstacles, riding skinnies and that stuff. Street is more like street skateboarding, griding rails, tricks down stair sets, flip tricks…

yeah but the point of muni is like to get over and around stuff (like trials), but off-road, isn’t it?

Street:The object is to do a wide variety of tricks with lots of variations, an example would be jump+ 360 over some stairs, off a ledge, etc.

Trials: The object is to get up and/or over obstacles, such as jumping ‘up’ ledges, benches, and so on.

Muni: riding through woods, mountains, any type of rough terrain were you can roll over obstacles without having to do much hopping as in trials. Obstacles in Muni tend to be placed on downhill trails, so you drop down them, and so.

ok i understand now, thx guys

ya, but in a completely natural enviroment and is usally done on a 24 inch wheel. and its no so much over stuff as it is have fun riding over stuff aand riding down steep stuff and such…

Not to be bias but trials is way better. haha.

Street - Trick accuracy
Trials - Position accuracy

so what’s the ideal unicycle for riding street?

if your just starting and have a limited budget, a 20 inch torker DX, but if u gots teh moneys, a KH 20

Generally, people walk on trails and drive on streets.

Keep in mind that M-uni contains trials riding.
Trials came from motorcycle riders who focused on an element of cross-country riding.
Likewise, bike trials came from bmx/mountain biking.
In turn, unicycle trials, I’m pretty sure, came after rough terrain riding.

In a nutshell, a “complete” m-uni ride includes everything from trials and cross-country riding.
Moreover, it does not have to be in “a natural setting”. Typically, it simply requires some rough terrain (like the streets and sidewalks in Houston :roll_eyes: )

The KH20 is the best street unicycle i’ve ever ridden. I have it unchanged from outta the box (except for the occasional viscount seat on it if the KH broke). And right outta the box it’s amazing.

-Shaun Johanneson

For street just think BMX like oyu see in x-games…trials just think jumpin on crap!

good one .

Trails are normally used for walking on. (edit: dang it, maestro beat me to it)

I’ve always thought the main difference between street and trials is that street is more focused on doing a flashy line, while trials is doing it as technically-advanced as possible. Is this right?

Trials = rider + uni + obstacles
Freestyle = rider + uni + tricks
Street = rider + uni + obstacles + tricks