trials videos

im really getting into trials and i wanted to see some more videos. so post any videos you have of trials riding. plz dont bother with divx videos…my comp wont open them eeven with divx installed…ty all very much

Hey…I’m a trials uni, too…only it’s TrialsUni…

and this post was completely pointless…I guess I’m just the observer of the obvious today.

But you should do a quick search, or go to and go to the vids section.

Look for any of Ryan Atkins’ short clips…like Oshawa.

I think most of that stuff is used with a windows media player

Here’s my stuff…

New trials videos -
Newish trials videos -
Really old (not very good) -
Pretty old -

My trials movies -

It’s funny watching those old videos of when I was just getting into trials. That was when I was having the most fun, putting together those rickety obstacles. :slight_smile:


Harper is the expert on rickety obstacles. :slight_smile:

Oooh. A good action shot of my stunt collapsing in front of Blackwood’s house. My arms are up in the air because I’m trying to fly.

Did it hurt? looks like the result was painful.