Trials video

Heres me trials riding around some schools and a ski hill. there a lot of picnic tables but owell i had fun and there six pallets i hopped so for thats my record. Hope you guys like it.
here it is


I really liked that…it was the first real ALL TRIALS video that I have seen in a while…and I enjoyed it.

Wow, I remember watching your first vid, and now this one. You’ve improved a lot.

Good job!


That was pretty sweet but u need to get a differnt helmet


Man, BC is a pretty beautiful place. What kind of shin guards do you have?

I have Mace shin guards the older ones.

That was a very interesting video to watch. I liked the music too.

Well done!

wow really good job with the video. I like your style and the things you do.

Keep it up with the good trial stuff. ( dont let the dark side of the street enter you )

surprisingly watchable, good job.

liked it alot nice video:D

That was great.


Outdoublefakieflip…I like.