trials video

I made a little new video, some of the scenes in the movie are from the stuff I send Shaun for Ill.

Hope you like it

that was sick man!
i loved the tired stunt at the end!

Nice video.

I liked how that girl was standing there looking at you.

That was sweet

That was a great vid, that one drop on the muni was huge (the crash was prety good too) good music.

How long gave you been riding?

Unicycling since 10 or 11 years, trials since 4 years.

I enjoyed that. It makes me want to pursue seat out front jumping more. Higher tire pressure is something I want to try too. I like your prehops before a big jump.

Is there a big unicycle community there? Bottrop Germany? I have a good bit of German in my blood. I speak it in my sleep sometimes, even though I can’t when I’m awake.

Very cool. I liked it alot, you are really good. The editing was cool too.

nice job, dude. Youre very solid!

I can’t wait till I can do that :roll_eyes:

In Bottrop are two big unicycle clubs each of them with 300 members I think. But these clubs dont do trials, only freestyle and races.

Awesome. Maybe I’ll come visit soon.

Link didn’t go to anything :thinking:

It looks like there are a lot of good places for trials where you live. Some of lines were pretty ridiculous. You’re really good at back footed pedal grabs. How long did they take to learn?