Trials Video :)

just a video i made for fun. enjoy :slight_smile:

oh yeah the end is a bummer…=P

nice riding :slight_smile:
looks like you have a pretty awesome space for trials.

Good short. Enjoyable. I liked the fakie drop.

I totally understand you for your finger, the same thing happened to me 3 months ago :frowning:

Nice riding and cool trials set up! I especially like the teeter-totter thingy. Sorry about your finger that must’ve hurt! :frowning:

Cool vid.

Sucks about your finger :frowning:

Hope youll be unicycling again soon. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry about your finger, but otherwise cool video. The line starting at 0:28 were the best part. :slight_smile:

thanks guys! finger is doing well, im just glad it was only a finger, and not an arm :slight_smile:

impressive, gutted about the finger though :confused: Get riding again soon (:

Sorry about the finger, it must have hurt. I’m lucky enough to have only sprained most of my fingers, but never broken one.

Nice lines btw… keep it up.

Nice seeing a vid from you sarah. There were some cool trials lines. I would just say try and jump more before you tuck. Idk if that makes any sense. Hope your finger gets better soon.

Good Video, eh? Poor luck about the finger.

thanks :slight_smile: no i don’t know what you mean though…haha

yea sister, hopefully see u at naucc!

Nice vid… is better to be finger than others and better it is still winter than summer.

I agree with Emele haha great vid. How come you didn’t tell me it was up? I think what he means is you’re trying to tuck too early and not really tucking more just bending over the uni haha you’re getting in your own way. Jump more, tuck less. haha

haha idk why i didn’t tell you. next time i will (: that makes sense, i’ll try it :slight_smile:

haha you’d better :stuck_out_tongue: 170 more days!!

Nice video Sarah! Your trials is getting good. It really sucks about your finger though. :frowning: I hope you can make it to NAUCC '10.