Trials video - Thunderbird Park trials comp...

Last sunday I went along to a fantastic trials comp at Thunderbird Park. It was part of the national competition so there wre lots of riders there. This time I had a shot at riding Elite. I figured if nothing else I’d get to see all the good riders riding (although there was also a Pro category with the country’s best riders in it). I had a great time and seemed to have chosen the right category. Most of the zones were almost clean-able although I ended up only cleaning one one them. I still have to work on my dabs.

The video is about 1/3 unicycling and 2/3 bike trials, 2min long, 8MB, and encoded with DivX so if you have trouble playing it it most likely means you need to download the DivX codec from .

Here’s the video -

In other news, that same day I was given some free gear as part of a team sponsorship thing a few of us are involved in.
BBB Freeride pedals (I took these out for a muni ride this morning and was quite impressed…they’re sooo smooth and seem strong) -
BBB Highliner gloves -
…and some nice BBB sunglasses.

I feel kind of guilty, and keen to get out and do some demos for them.

Anyway, enjoy the video. There’s some really nice bike trials in there, I think.


And a little preview…

nice video andrew.

as always a great video. keep up the good work.

Man, that looks like it must have been alot of fun! You really make it look easy. You have some good ups…seat in no less!

While watching the bikes I found myself thinking “that looks like suicide!”. I could never do that on a bike. But then they are probably thinking the same thing about you. heh:)

I would really like to ride with more trials bikers. Ive only really ridden with two before. I feel like it pushes me more to go bigger and try new things when i got someone going huge on a bike around.

Ok, im done rambling. THank you for the vid!!

Thanks guys.

I agree, riding with bikers is great fun. I’ve made some good mates through the trials comps who I now ride with and do demos with. I find that watching them use both of their wheels for extra support, especially on natural lines encourages me to think about where I can wedge my wheel between rocks…like in the first clip of the video for example. I think it really helps give you more stability on natural lines, and it’s also really fun. It can bring more of a strategic element to trials, not that there isn’t one already.

We need to go riding together, mango. Where do you live? :slight_smile: I’m hoping to get to Santa Barbara and to the northshore trails in Canada at some stage in the next 5 years.