Trials Video - Mad World

Kevin Mckay!

Cool, nice trials riding. Why was he kicked in the end? :frowning:

Because Luke learned how to dropkick people.

I once got a head concussion doing the same kick. The guy I was kicking caught both of my legs and I fell straight on my head. That was one of the most stupidest things I’d ever done.

Nice video!

Nice vid, How high can you jump?

The highest hop in that vid was about 85cm, but I’m trying to push 90.

nice rails

the song is really sad

why don’t put it on

Nice vid. You look a lot older than 16…


I got nothing against hard core and the usuall kind of music people use in extreme videos, but the song you‘ve chosen was just fine. Probably the first time I‘ve seen a uni video without all the usuall noise.


What camera did you use??

Nice rail skills. A nicely put together video. I liked the song with the riding, no matter how depressing it was.

How long have u been riding?

Hey, I’m glad people are still making trials videos.

It was pretty cool…

I tried to upload my couple month old video there like, two weeks ago, and it hasn’t worked yet… So I assume the uploader doesn’t work very well…

I like how good you are at skinnies. It takes a lot of guts to do that. I suck at them myself, I can only ride like 50 meters on a railroad track. You seem to be very controlled. Good job.

Hey, thanks for the comments guys.

I’ve been riding since Feb last year, so that’s about 15 months.

-Keven/Kevin Mckay

So…Who wants to sponsor me?..


Yes I