Trials video from Germany


one year ago we finished this video. Now we have the time to release it, so the clips in it might be a bit old, but still a cool trials video!

Tell me what u think about that.


Moritz Hahn

I am applauding right now, sick jumps, awesome gaps, huge drops, kick ass music thats one of my favorite korn songs, probably one of the best movies ive seen a long time if not ever. i mean seat drag on a skinny…wow… gliding down a…umm whatever that was at the begining. loved it


That is one of the best videos I have seen on the site.

The height of those drops were amazing!

Are you all working on a new video?


That was great. Nice editing, it was funny, but I kinda wanted to see some of those crashes for real.

The gliding down that…thing was awsome…and I’ve tried to seatdrag on a skinnie, its HARD. Great trials riding, and muni too!

What did that pink/white sign that he hit say?

How long untill this years video?:smiley:

Man, awesome stuff. The gliding down the kinked cement was awesome. Good 6’ and 8’ (i think) drops. Good muni too. Looks like there needs to be a German Universe…

I have to say that I am pretty damn impressed with those drops… At that height I start getting scared and I do them seat-out… different approah I guess…

good stuff… althought the fast-forward Muni scene “killed my brain”.

the last scene was great with the rewind through water!!

the last scene was great with the rewind through water!!

wow very nice video i like the sexey unis to what where they

Re: Trials video from Germany

Wow, that was excellent!

On Tue, 21 Jun 2005 17:25:01 -0500, “forrestunifreak” wrote:

>What did that pink/white sign that he hit say?

It said “Don’t use. Danger of getting hurt.”

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

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Cool movie…those drops were huge, and that was a year ago! I really liked the smooth 180 degree twist before the backwards stair riding. The corners on the wooden skinnies and the bendy log ride were great too.


I second that motion.

Great video, although the fast forwarding did bug me a bit. Great skinny riding all around! Wow!

Thank you. You are right, there are a lot of good Trials-riders here. A Guy is planning a universe - style - video from germany. I hope he can manage that. It would be really great.

I will inform you if there is something new.



you guys are amazing where is that trials place hehe? I want to go there hehe.