Trials Video Clips

Well, I finally got my computer really working again (I’d been using my mac earlier). So, I uploaded some short trials video clips. There’s two of me doing a gap line on my gapping bars, and one of me rolling hopping up a 4 set. There’s one of me doing a line with a balance beam ride into a pedalgrab on a 6x8 into a skinny ride. I wanted to make the line go farther, but I never got the rest of it landed in one piece. Ce la vie. Mostly rolling hops, purely concidental. Also a few other clips. Some of them are sideways, sorry. Anyways, enjoy (And I’d love some feedback).


P.S. Here’s the link: My Gallery Once there click on Trials Video Clips. All videos are MPG format.

Excellent stuff, thanks for sharing. I like the way you’ve supported your post (your version of what I called a hopping post on I might try that design for some new obstacles I’m building for this Australia Zoo demo. In fact, I’m going to do that right now. :slight_smile:


I’ll add a few pictures of my new obstacles in a day or two if you want. Thanks for the input. BTW, those 2x4s are about 8 or 9" long, and those are 45 degree angled cuts on the ends so I can get an extra few inches’ of support out of the same length of wood. The post is 11" tall so taht one can parctice pedalgrabs onto it and it’s not unnerving. Hops onto it are trivial. It’s not ideal for pedalgrabbing in a trials line, as your tire tends to hit the supports, but that’s better since it makes you go straight to rubber.

Well I just wrote I big paragraph about the post I just made but it was wiped. So here’s a brief summary…

I built a post, it’s 400mm high, 250mm long support pieces, fixed in place with glue and two screws per piece, will brace more when glue dries, post is 90x90mm.

I have another 90x90x600 piece I cut down today and about 1.2m left to play around with.

What I really want is to be able to permanently cement these posts about 500mm into the ground and have a big range of lines and heights to hop around on…not 'till I get my own house I think.

Here’s a photo of the post at this stage. I’ll probably add more bracing tomorrow and then test it out.


That’s one nice looking post andrew, but do us all a favour and… not white :smiley: A nice bedford trials orange or something :wink:

I like the post, but I think the support poles should be longer. I make mine at least 1/2 as long as the main post. Also, you could save wood by cutting the wood at 45 degree angles. Then, you could save about 6" of wood on the entire project. At least for me, it makes a difference. After two projects that’s 12" of wood. Also, it’s usually best to leave the wood unpainted (in my opinion), since paint shows tire marks better. But yeas, if you must paint it, bedford orange would be nice.

The supports are at least half the length of the post. The camera is playing tricks on the perspective a little. I didn’t paint it…the post came like that.


nice job man

i really liked the bar-post-bar gapping, very smooth.

andrew, thats the exact same design as the post i made. the dimensions of mine are 20"x6"x6". its a lot of fun. i havent lined it up with my gapping bars yet, but tomorrow for sure!