Trials Video, Called 'Trials'.
Yeah what cuz?

Nice! :smiley:


yeah that video was good for someone who doesn’t do trials good on ya Reef

Nice video Reef.
Sorry i didn’t get to catch up with you, my phone is in more peices than a salad… dropped it. and i dont have the internet.

Love :slight_smile:

(PS: i am not alcaholic.)

That was really good…such a good trials rider like you are with street

keep it up


:astonished: That nothing coast was sick!

I didn’t like the music though.

Nice making fun of Defect! :smiley:

great job. i wish i could pedal grab.

Good vid, but bad music.

When I saw you on that park toy with the spring I was wondering if you would do that defect spoof, and you obviously did

Cool vid man. I really liked the pedal grab over that rail. It looks awesome as how you tuck the seat in as you land

Keep it up

Yeah same here well I can but I land right foot forward on the object…still works…

i posted a comment in the trials discussion thread, but the riding was good enough to post GREAT JOB again!:smiley:

That’s alright man. I feel like salad now.
I assume when you broke your phone you drank the mental pain away…

Thanks for all the comments.