Trials Video - Bliss

A short vid of me attempting trials in my backyard after school today. Obviously I don’t have much to do trials on.

i’m interested to watch this, sadly i’m at school (boarding) this whole week, so the internet here blocks youtube and all streaming sites… :angry:

Could you or someone else just post up a downloadable link to watch it as a windows media player file or something?


YAY i was the first one to watch it. I feel so special. :smiley:

Good work.

Sick. I was hoping I’d be one of the first street riders (that I’ve seen) to make a trials video. Beat me to it…

Oh well pretty cool though. I liked the flip to one foot riding.

Cool music by the way. I love that song.

Is it Skiwiff? I know the song is ‘It’s 5’.

yes, ‘It’s 5’ by Architecture In Helsinki.

Damn. Close enough.

Nice. I liked the one foot riding backwards thing, mainly cause I tried it once and thought it was impossible. Haha, the free jumping was the best though

I’ll grab the youtube one and send it to you on msn if you want.

Trials rocks!

Thanks for the comments everyone.

It does, I’m going to get into it.

Luke, could you put upload it onto and post back with a downloadable link please?


YESSS! A street rider getting into trials! I knew you would see sense!

utv, isn’t working for me. I’m uploading it to the gallery.

nice job. your soo good.

the parkour was awesome along with the unicycling

Very well made. That was awesome.

Luke, you aer amazing. Nothing more can be said. Everytime i see one of your vids i think “the next one isnt going to be that good probally” but sure enough you mannage to 1 up your self everytime.

BTW I think you should call out Shaun J soon!!

Wow, I completely missed this vid till now.

Excelent riding, can’t wait till you apply this to the stuff you have around your street spots.

nice fall :wink: almost hurt your tits, good job :stuck_out_tongue: did you get sponsored and by who? btw add me on msn if you want :slight_smile:

He’s now sponsored by Kris Holm.