Trials video - AFL field trials...

I finally went out for another proper trials ride for pretty much the first time in 3 months or so. I was getting worried because I thought I’d turned completely uncoordinated but I was riding a bit better today and had a lot of fun. I found a few nice lines, a couple of which were very me and also took the camera along with me.

The last line I found bloody difficult but I got it eventually. I was sweating so much I could feel the salt crystals on my face…and it’s meant to be winter!

I also got the news that this new trials demo team I’m part of with some bike friends is sponsored by BBB who import bike parts or something along those lines. We each get some pedals, clothing, and sunnies! Pretty exciting, and it means we’ll have more demos to do which should be fun.

Anyway, here’s the video…
Plain version - 9.5MB, 1min20sec
With music and more editing - 9.5MB, 1min20sec, soundtrack is “Klunky” by Directions in Groove.


that’s pretty sweet man!

you always come up with some cool lines and stuff
i like how you hop seat in a lot, gives some inspiration to people like me who can only hop well seat in :slight_smile:

Cool riding…
…as usual;)

very cool :slight_smile: i’m also just beginning to get the hang of hopping/dropping and i’ve only been doing it seat in so far.

Thanks guys. Don’t be fooled though, I only hop seat in because I’m uncoordinated hopping seat out. :slight_smile:


o, i know you have a lot of experience

it’s just that most guys w/ tons of experience hop seat out
and it’s refreshing to see someone who’s awesome hop seat in (and get serious height too)

you make it look easy man

Excellent, Andrew! I never realized it before, but I don’t think you hop seat out in any of your videos.

I’m jealous of your “winter” - green grass and sunshine doesn’t qualify for me.


I very rarely hop seat out, only for heights that push my limits. I’ll get around to getting the feel for seat out one day I guess, but I just feel so much more stable seat in.

I miss summer, I like when the sun rises early and sets late, and I like the warm weather although this winter has been very mild. I hope that doesn’t mean too many 40 degree (104 F) days. :slight_smile:


I hopeSt Kilda wins

really want to see it but it wont play for me. i bet its real good though

cool, as usual!