Trials vid

After much cursing and swearing, I was able to finally get this made.
I’ll be making one tomorrow as well.

First vid, any constructive criticism is welcome (needed!):slight_smile:

Awesome video! there was some nice big hops in there. and the music went with it good too.

calgary! good to see your workin on those side hops man, lookin good!

keep it up


Thanks justin, you should post up a vid too of your new kh24.

All this stuff in my vid was done on a 16" tube.

Awesome video, but the ending was a bid abrupt :wink: .

Liked it, liked it a lot.
Music was not so good, but I forgot about that because of the riding.
You have some great places to ride, wish I could ride there.
Allready some lines in my head there :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice stuff.

Peter M

You’re good at trials :slight_smile: Nice hops!

That was awesome! Huge sidehops, and that was a really steep climb there! Awesome! Excited to see more vids from you.:slight_smile: Good music too.


Yeah, I forgot to say that.
That was a realy steep climb, I know how hard that is so I realy appriciated it.

Peter M


How high was that one hop?

I think we could have appreciated the steepness a lot more if it was filmed from the side, maybe in front of you, so the tree wouldn’t be in the way. Only one I’ve seen hop up an incline that’s probably that long and steep as that was, is R.A. :astonished:

loved this video! Not seen a good trials video in a while so this cheered me up thanks :D. Keep it up!

Great job! I’ve been waiting to see you ride for a long time now.

Good music choice, it went well with the riding. The riding was awesome too. Have you learned pedal grabs since you asked about them in the trials discussion thread?

If you can put it on the gallery so it can be downloaded that would be great.

very nicely done. i liked the “flow” of it all. the only thing i disliked was the abrupt ending. the hops, gaps and that steep thing were awesome!

Thanks for the replies! I am still learning how to edit, and I was too dumb to find the end titles =).

I still do not know how to pedal grab. I’m getting closer.
New vid tonight!

Nice, I really liked it. You have some good hops.

And good job editting it, especially since its was your first vid.

Definitely some nice stuff. Its always nice to see some Canadian riders from somewhere outside of Ontario. Good Stuff!


I will not finish another video today. It suddenly got cold (-15C) mid way through my ride and my tire froze up. After breaking my shoulder due to a rock hard tire, I called it quits.

I will however be making a new one soon.:slight_smile:

I actually really enjoyed this vid. Music was a bit commercial and didn’t quite suit the vid in my opinion, but the filming and editing, though not professional by any means, was still good enough to make me enjoy it.

A higher quality vid would do much justice, it can turn an OK video into an amazing video. :). Though, this vid was still very good riding-wise.

Thanks Danni.

way chill dude, i really liked it!
when you climbed up that wall thing, with those tiny hops.
it made me laugh, but in a good way!
that wasn’t the bob marley version of that song was it?


Thanks sponge! I only wanted to test my new camcorder and editing software. I threw the first song that I could find =). This was a short ride, and I messed up most of what I wanted to do =(.

I am in the process of making a longer higher quality vid.