Trials Unis

I had a go on a trials uni the other day and it seamed quite hard to ride compared to my 20" freestyle and my 24" muni…

the tyre had very little air in it (it wasn’t flat)

Are they usually hard to ride and turn etc or is it because it needed more air in?



low air = more bounce = better

theyre usually kept quite low.

But are they meant to be that low that they’re really hard to turn etc?

they arent usually hard to turn. though fatter tyres do take a little time to get used to if you havent ridden with them before.

His post = not quite correct :wink:

I know I ride mine quite high and so does Ryan Atkins. It might look like peoples tyres are flat because they can utilize their prehop and because people on trials unicycles tend to go bigger. Some people run their tyres really low, and they think its better, but remember, the tyre will be more prone to bottoming out and you could get more flats. I know people can jump really high on very high pressure freestyle unicycles.


[EDIT] His tyre pressure was probably to low for you.

Ok thanks for your help. I’m thinking of buying one… does anyone have any recommendations?

tire pressure is just preferance mess around with the psi until u find the preasure that works for u

2007 KH trials. its good.

Yeah, his PSI was probably to high for you. I know that I run mine pretty high for my weight- around ~22 PSI and I weigh only 85-90 pounds.

koxx trials

if you can afford it, get the 07 KH. if not, get the nimbus hoppley, it’s the solidess uni I’ve seen yet.

I’d get a Koxx uni. They look hot!

id get a KH :sunglasses:

I like a rather high pressure on my trials tire too. A lot of people seem to think that a large volume tire is intended to make you bounce.