Trials Unicycling - January 2011

This is a new video I made over the last few days.

I hope you enjoy it. :slight_smile:
Feel free leave a comment and/or constructive critism.

has anybody done a 360 dgree flip on unicycle ? Waitin to see that dar devil!!

Good stuff! you’ve got a great tuck happening :slight_smile:

Good use of picnic tables.

I liked it. Watch out you don’t hit your head on that deck if you stack those pallets higher haha.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

My friend who was filming came up with most of them haha :sunglasses:

Haha thats the first thing I noticed when I watched that hop I didnt think I was that close.

Not available for me :confused:
Can you upload it on somewhere else please? vimeo perhaps?

Just try again, refresh, or open it in youtube. It does that for me sometimes.

Youtube tells me that it’s not available in my country, a refresh won’t help.