Trials unicycles..

Hey guys, I was hoping you guys might be able to give me some advice. Right now I’m riding a 20" Summit for Trials/MUni riding, it’s a lot of fun, I can beat the hell out of it, but it seems like it weighs alot to be using it for trials. I was thinking about possibly picking up another… but my Summit is great.

The only way I can justify buying a new Uni is if it’s going to have enough of a weight difference that I’ll notice when I try jumping up onto benches and tables. I was wondering if anybody has some good advice on which brands are the best… keep in mind I know a Torker is light, but even though I’m only 6’1", 150, I’m pretty sure I’d snap the frame jumping off of bleachers and what not… hahah Thanks in advance.

man… the kris holms frames is so damm light.
the nimbus frames is a lot light too

If you get a KH trials uni, you will definetly feel the weight difference.

The Summit uni you have weighs close to 15 pound, the newer KH weighs 12. You will feel the 3 pound difference right when you mount.

How much does it weigh? How high can you hop?
I’m sure the KH frame would make it a lot lighter and you would be able to hop at least a little higher. Im not sure what a summit is so im not familliar with its weight or whatnot but a lighter uni will help a bit.
Edit: yeah what he said is what will happen. Mine weighs 14 lbs and when i tried a KH i noticed how insanely light it was.

well if u replaced the frame u might get quite a difference…

But yeah the KH07 unis are extremely light… I ride a koxx1 red devil, which is like a tiny bit heavier… it weighs 5.3kg on my scales… mind you they might not be perfectly accurate… cause that makes it 12pounds which is the KH weight and the koxx1 have a heavier (by 150g…) frame…

Mind you since the koxx1 frame is crmo surely its stronger than the KH frame?

I dont think that either frame would break because the alu kh frames are made really well and ive only heard of a few people breaking them.

Try this… “gain” a few extra pounds the next time you ride… put pebbles in your pockets or something… see what a difference that makes in your riding.

The bottom line is… you’ll be able to hop higher, more consistently, with better technique. A lighter unicycle isn’t the miracle cure for bad technique.

The only thing you’ll stand to gain from a lighter unicycle is a little energy savings… if you’re riding trials for hours in a row you might not be as sore later… but if you’re not riding as much, there’ll be very little difference to justify a new unicycle.

I have a kh trials uni and it is great and light

Hear Hear!

The torker dx is probably the heaviest trials uni you can get. I think the dx is heavier than the summit.

It works great though.

Got some good replies, and yea… one I’m not sure what to make of. But anyways, I’ll probably by a KH, it’s where I’m leaning right now. I think I’ve just about reached my limits on the Summit, it’s heavy. I think switching to the KH might give me half a foot or more for improvement. I’m going to experiment… once again, thanks for all the helpful replies. :slight_smile:

if you got the budget to buy the KH then definately go for it but if you are looking for someting cheaper you can always do a custom uni. i am getting all my parts for christmas and putting it together. it took me alot of reasearch time but it is going to be an awsome street uni ill have it for under $300 i am super excited!!

…and when you find you get only an inch or two for your $500+ investment, what are you going to think then?

Practice, practice, practice. Technique will give you many, many inches of improvement.

A new unicycle will give you something shiny to stare at… but it’s not going to magically improve your hops or drops.

I disagree, especially if you get a custom uni, or a very good one like a KH. It gives you loads more courage for hops

The only advice id give is to either just practice as was mentioned by the all knowing maestro and if it makes you feel any better just get a kh frame…You dont need the whole new uni, the Summit wheelset is virtually bomb proof…Ive done all sorts of 4-5 ft drops on mine and i weigh 230lbs and the crankset has never given me any problems.


Yeah dude just get a new frame. Get a nimbus then it’slike only fifty bucks then you have money left over and can get a bc;)

Well, I still with the Summit for now, and I know practice would make me better. I just think practicing on something lighter, would make my practice go better.

if you practice on a heavy then go to a light your height should go up. if you ride with it instead of going to a lighter one you will become stronger than if you went to a light frame

Is there any reasoning behind your claim?

I just don’t understand how a lighter frame makes your legs stronger. After all, the frame doesn’t do the hopping, it’s your legs!

Has anyone taken my suggestion? Put a few extra pounds of stuff in your pockets and try some hops. Notice your hop height decreasing significantly? It’s likely you won’t… which means a heavier frame won’t necessarily correlate to lower hops.