Trials Unicycles

I’ve been unicycling for a couple years now. I have had a sun 20" and ive been doing trials stuff with it. Its not working so great anymore. Id like a new uni. What trials uni should I get. Im looking for something complete for $250 or less.

You should probably pick up an '06 Torker DX (can be had for ~$230ish on eBay), as its splined hub is good for drops and hops.

If you want to end up doing anything more than a little curb hopping, I say splines you need. The DX is tough, and cheap. I like lighter ones, but price goes up with the loss of weight and the keeping of strength, and in the big scales it’s a trade-off.

When I busted my regular cheap cycle going off of a picnic table, I upgraded to a United trials, but it’s out of commission three years later with the introduction of actual trials riding. It’s only rated for something like two foot drops, and I just couldn’t help it…over and over…

What about Bedford uni’s should i venture that way? Ive seen and riden the Torker 06 and i didnt realy like it that much. Any other suggestions

Well, you’re not going to find a splined Beford for >$250. The Torker DX '06 is really the only splined uni in that price range.

If im willing to go up to $300 what do you think about the Qu-ax splined?

I’m going to order a custom uni from Darren when I get the money together. He seems really nice. I had some $ saved and then I went to New Mexico with it and rode my friend’s coker. Then I had enough saved again and I paid my rent/bills. I say.

I’ve never ridden the quax, but I’ll post the specs for the hub/cranks when I get to my computer.