Trials Unicycles

What is the difference between the KH Trials and the Onza Trials?
Is one way better than the other?
Is it the weight?
Or is it the strength?

The only difference is the frame and pedals

I just asked the same question between the qu-ax and KH. It seems the only difference was the weight, and it wasn’t much of a difference.


i saw ur post and was considering the qu-ax at first
but its not in stock at udc til late july
according to ur post its kinda heavy so i want a lighter one
so i was considering the onza or kh

the frame, the pedals, the seat is slightly different…generally, people say the KH is slightly stronger than the Onza. but they’re pretty much the same. I think the KH is also lighter than the Onza though.

if your looking to buy i would recomend the onza its cheaper and i think its just as good if not beter

What about a koxx?