Trials Unicycles

I’m going to buy one. Question is: is a KH 230 dollars better than a Nimbus? Any other suggestions?


ummm… sorry, forgot to search the forum before posting this.

Alright, I searched and found this:

Seems like I can’t go wrong. Splined, nice seat, 48 spokes, am I missing anything? This is about 300 dollars American, right? Can I get it in America? Please help.

re: the Qu Ax

This is a good unicycle according to reports.

I have ordered from them before with good results. Things took about three weeks to arrive in California.

i got that frame a coupla weeks ago and its really nice, only hit my knees once , and its got a nce snug fit on the wheel. ive never ridden a qu-ax but y mate has one on order for an end of exams present form his rents, ben (thinuniking) always raves on about these uni’s , so i guess theyre good

quick! look here!

hurry hurry!


I saw that but I think I am going to order a $169 Nibus Trials this summer. Does anyone have any feedback on the Nimbus Trials?