Trials unicycles from Uk

I was lookin in the uk site and compared the price for shipping the Qu-ax splined trials uni, and found out it would be cheaper to order this uni from the uk store as compared to purchasing it from the us store.

Qu-ax trias:

Uk: Price, 175 euro ($226.172) shipping 40 euro ($51.6979) total:$277.8699

US: Price, $299.00 shipping, $33.74 Total: $332.74

Onza trials:

Uk: Price, $232.742 shipping, $51.6979 Total: $284.4399

US: Price, $409.00, shipping, $20.05, Total: $429.05

Kris holm trials 05 Ed:

Uk: Price, $400.80 shipping, $51.6979 Total: $452.4979

US: Price, $467.00 shipping, $24.63 Total: $491.63

So if you dont mind the extra wait, its acually cheaper to order from the uk…now how do ya like them apples?

how can the onza be 150+ less???
i mean, even 20 dollars less is a huge bargain, but something like 170!! that’s outrageous
maybe your calculations were off?
was the UK one in pounds not euros?

i tryed to buy from the uk than realized it was in pounds so its the same

thought so,
i calculated that if it were in pounds, then the QU-ax at 175 pounds would actually be 328 US Dollars, more than the UDC (US) price of 300

That must be I was confused also whn doin this, I thought for sure they used euro, but if they use GBP then it would cost a lot more. the total of the onza would be $412.5805, still a little cheaper but not worth the wait at all.

Edit: I use for the conversions.

You aren’t even factoring in the import tax. They don’t list that anywhere. Coming from Minnesota to Nova Scotia, for my summit trials, I paid my normal shipping then $110 CAD just for crossing the boarder, which is what like a foot wide? So you multiply $110 by an ocean…wow.


wow.Musta sucked.

Yeah it was suprising, and I was ticked at first, but I had the money and as my mom pointed out I learned a lesson. There was nothing I could do about it anyway. I’m glad I bought it though, regardless of price. Best purchase I ever made.


that’s weird about the border tax… I bought my uni from bedford w/ none of that…

Maybe thats just 'cause bedfords so great! :thinking:

gotta be. He should post in MR sometime, that would insure his coolness.

Re: Trials unicycles from Uk

On Tue, 29 Mar 2005 19:51:24 -0600, “darchibald” wrote:

>You aren’t even factoring in the import tax. They don’t list that

That’s damn right! And it works both ways. If I order something from
the US to Europe (not uni stuff, at least not until now), I pay import
tax as well, about 20%.

And, did you factor in shipping cost? From the UK to US that is quite
hefty too.

And then we’re not even considering shipping time, with all the
customs and safety delays. May take months, occasionally. Speaking
from experience here.

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I say, old chap, fancy thinking the Great British Pound could ever be replaced by one of those foreign “euro” chappies!

If that happened then the next thing you know is we’ll be wearing patent leather shoes with no socks and adopting other continental ways, such as being cultured and stylish and producing decent association football teams…errr… think I’ll finish now.

Some people thought you would be using schillings and half crowns forever too.

It is still a bit of a quirky place - we still use Guinneas (1Guinnea = 1l:1s:0d, i.e. one pound and 1 shilling, £1.05 in new money) for buying and selling horses and prize money in horse races, bizzare. But those horsey types always were more than just a bit odd, what with chasing defenceless furry creatures around with a pack of slavering hounds, in the best interest of the welfare of the wildlife, and fun !!! At least that barbarous practice is being halted.

Introduction of the mile to these shores in around AD49 was the Roman attempt at decimalisation - mille = 1,000 and was measured as 1000 double paces. Why we mucked it up with rods, poles, perches, furlongs (still used in horse racing), yards, feet and inches - who cares.

Perhaps the rest of Europe could adopt the pound sterling, English as the continental language, roman decimal distance measures, driving on the correct side of the road (Emperor Napoleon was the guilty party on mainland Europe), pint measures of beer at a temperature at which you can actually taste it … hmmmmmm, real ale … sorry, went off into a bit of a reverie there.

Tongue out of cheek, I’m actually in favour of UK in the Euro project - currency exchange within a trading block is counter-productive, costly and only benefits the banking institutions doing the transactions, the cost of which, plus interest, is passed on directly to you and me, Joe Consumer. They don’t have to like our beer and they can keep their horseflesh and pickled baby songbirds. Vive la difference !


Schillings? SCHILLINGS!??

I’ll have you know young fella-me-lad that I died in two world wars to prevent Johnny Hun imposing his Teutonic tuppeny bits on us!

sincere grovelling apologies to the German contingent coming along to BUC this year! It’s not me - it’s a comic persona!