trials unicycle

I have a sun 20in. i want a Kris Holm kh20 trials. is it lighter than the sun. i wont one that i can jump high and do other sorts of tricks, but i dont wont to pay over $300. what unicycle should i get?

Torker DX


well, the kh is about the best on the market. Unless your goign to peice something togeether with a triton sponge frame, Koxx makes some good ones also. If you dotn have much money, just try and create something cheaply on udc. I’d say get the kh though, i dont have one, but i reallllllly want ont

2 words for you to look at and decide… IMO best thing to get on a budget…
Nimbus Trials

i agree… the step from a sun to a kh is a huge jump. i suggest getting the nimbus trials ( ISIS)

I jumped from a sun 20" to a KH20…Best buy I ever made…I did buy it from AEBikes when they had that amazing deal though. But yeah. Nimbus Trials ISIS.