trials unicycle


i am interested in buying a new trials uni, cos my non-splined cranks are bending every time i do any serious riding.

i live in australia and am considering the GP trials from does anyone know how this compares to the KH, as they are the same price.

at what point will the kh/onza cranks bend? Has anyone here bent them? would it be worth getting profiles?

thanks for your help,


Id sya go with the kh trials unicycle that uni dosent look any good… the kh/onzka hub/cranks are as strong as the profiles ones but the profiles have a life warenty …

so ur saing that if i bend profiles, they replace them no matter what? how much of a pounding will they take before they bend?

I think its like theroetically impossible to break profiles, and good splined axles like the KH/onza. The cranks can bend and maybe evauntally break, but its highly unlikely (from what I’ve heard).

They should hold 10+ easilly, provided you land properly, etc. and depending on your weight. Im sure people have done much higher.

hey max,
good so see more Aussies riding hard!
i’ve got profiles… well had. They are currently getting replaced. Mine bent after some pretty big drops 1.5m+ onto various surfaces. If you can afford them get them. The GP unicycles are good, and the service from Brisbane is excellent. Email the guys and ask how much it would cost to get the GP but with profiles- they’ll probably make one up for you for little (or no) cost.

I think the profile and kh crnaks are as solid but profiles got a life warenty… I ride profiles :slight_smile:

Do Profiles have a Q factor like the KH?

i dont evne understand wtf q factor is hahaha so I cant answer

“Q factor” is the name for the distance from the center of your wheel to where your foot goes. Some cranks (Profiles, Doteks, new KH’s) angle out, increasing Q factor while others (Old KH) do not. Other factors can affect Q factor, like hub width and pedal spindle length.