Trials Unicycle

Hi, I have recently been practicing off seat hopping on my 20" unicycle and have got to the stage where i want to start jumping up/off things. it has a thin and narrow Tyre and i can feel the rim hitting the ground every time i hit the ground and i think if i try and jump off something i will just break the rim. because of this i am thinking of getting a trials unicycle and i was wondering if anyone could recommend one. and what crank length is best for trials?

Thank you,


The nimbus line of trials unicycles is fantastic! My brother is doing drops of about 6’ on his with no issues.

I just picked up a Kris Holm trials… mind blowing…

Crank length - I find that i prefer the same cranks for basically everything… At 5’ 6" tall and 152 pounds i run 125mm cranks. (trials and road, 150mm for Muni)

Thank you, i have one more question. which tyre is better the Maxxis Creepy-Crawler Tyre - 20" x 2.5" or the Nimbus ‘Cyko-Lite’ 20" x 2.5" Tyre?

Thank you


Luna - Base trials tire, feels like plastic with a large amount of side wall buckling
Cyko lite - Very similar to Luna, but it is much lighter.
Maxxis - Very grippy compound and the side walks don’t buckle even remotely the same.
Monty Eagle claw - My favourite… It has helped me recover from several drops that the Luna or Cyko would have kicked me off of.

The maxxis and the monty are very similar tires. The only real difference i noticed is the fit and finish of the monty was a little nicer. You run higher pressure in the 2 better tires because they are a larger volume tire and they are much more cushy on drops. The side walls act more like a air shock then a the springy feel of the cheaper tires. My brother has done just about everything to his Cyko lite and has no real complaints. Once he rode my Monty though… he is begging for my maxxis creepy crawly that i have as my spare hahah =D