Trials Unicycle

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a 20" trials uni so my 9 yr old can start riding off road with me. Don’t want to buy new as they are expensive, so hoping I can find one on here. Not too interested in something that has been beat up. Would like a KH or Nimbus or ?

Let me know if you have one to sell.


Cheap trials uni

I just bought a new XTP Fluo (Koxx Devil) off eBay for $165 shipped. There are apparently issues with crank compatibility as Koxx ISIS is slightly out of spec with standard ISIS but I knew that when I bought it and I don’t plan on changing the cranks. If you don’t mind the crank issue, or the obnoxious neon colors, it’s an excellent value. If you are in the USA, that is.


Exact same situation as mad. I’m probably gonna spray paint the disgusting green and then it will be perfect! It’s extremely solid for the price. I wasn’t aware of the crank compatibility issues but I have absolutely no intention of switching cranks so it’s still a great value.

I’ll look on ebay for the unicycle you mention.

Also, I live in Alaska…