Trials Unicycle

-Yellow Nimbus Steel frame
-KH Gel Saddle
-20" DX-32
-Profile Hub and Cranks
-Maxxis Creepy Crawler
-Hoffman Pedals

-Buyer pays shipping

  • $150.00 USD

ill give you $80 for it.


well, looks like im outta this one. sorry.

100 for it is pretty cheap considering its a profile, and a new profile hub and cranks set is about $289USD on special



150 is a super sweet deal for this uni

perfect for a trials rider

what is “profile hub and cranks?” is that a brand name?
also what size crankss

and how does the profiel hub differ from the isis hub?

Profile is old school, strong as anything!
Profile are a brand, and if i remember correctly, they make everything in their own american factory or something :slight_smile: pretty cool stuff, everyone used to use it, before ISIS :slight_smile:

ok thansk!
how does it compare to the isis?

honestly, im totally new to unicycle brands and products :]

PM sent

on a trials unicycle if you can bend a pair of profiles you are pretty beastly, they are just as strong as ISIS but they are long. A pair of profiles for a trials start at 145, on a ISIS hub you can get long cranks or short cranks no problem.

Also another thing about profile, they are a bike company and they make top of the line products. When i use to race BMX if you had profiles for cranks you were in an elite category haha

whats the difference between long and short cranks for trials reading. what do people generally prefer?

never heard of trials reading before :stuck_out_tongue:
anyways 137mm or 140mm are best go any lower on a 19" wheel and its not as stable and harder to ride rails… for flat 125mm i think are best and idrk about street but i think in street its really whatever floats your boat. :slight_smile: :thinking: